RAID! Pirate’s Plunder on KICKSTARTER!

The board game I’ve recently been hired to illustrate is called “Raid! Pirate’s Plunder” and it is currently being funded on Kickstarter!


The game and its first expansion pack (combat) is finished, but for it to come to fruition and go into manufacturing it has to reach its funding goal of $11,000 by the middle of May.

Each player takes on the role of a pirate captain in Black Bart’s armada and the object of the game is to carry off the biggest sum of loot while avoiding the Navy, even if it means coming to blows with your fellow pirates!

By contributing your money to the fundraiser at the $25.00 level you are guaranteed a copy of the game if it reaches it goal – and the cool thing about Kickstarter is that if a project fails to meet its goal *no one* is charged for their support.

At higher backer levels you can get one-of-a-kind rewards like original pirate-themed pieces of artwork by yours truly!

I’ve playtested the game with the folks at Boulder Board Game Company and I honestly think its a fun, elegant game that is easy to pick up and play while still having the strategy elements to keep it fun over time.

In short, if RAID! meets its goal the supporters’ money will go to make it a reality (and they get their games) and there is no risk if the goal isn’t met.

Ken Kokoszka Illustration on Facebook
Boulder Board Games Website


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