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Orc Shaman Redux! part 3

This is the final revision on my Orc Shaman digital painting from early 2012.

This consisted of a few more steps to finish it up. I layered on some transparent blues and violets to the fur trappings of the Orc’s clothing so emphasize the shadowed areas.


When I moved on to address the magic conjuration I went with some vibrant greens. I feel that this color choice created a very unnatural mood and was also quite arresting – similar to a poison dart frog that shows off its intense coloration as a sign that it is dangerous. I wanted a magic effect that was simultaneously thick and viscous, and ethereal so I combined blooming light areas with drips that employ a large value range. After the magic was finished I went over the figure with a final pass of green reflected light on the surfaces that face the spell and more violet to dramatize the shadows. Once all of this was complete I adjusted the values of the piece as a whole using the levels adjustment layer. I didn’t do anything too dramatic here, I mostly lightened the mid-tones a little bit.

Here’s the comparison again.


I think its very important to stand back and take stock of one’s progress as an artist every now and then.
I made this level of learning and improvement despite working and going to school full time for most of the interval. It serves as a reminder to myself  that there’s no excuse for not practicing or pushing myself – even if I don’t have as much time to devote to the craft as I would like, the time I do have is well spent.

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