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Sigurd: New and Improved! (Now with background)

First off, here is a pair of thumbnails I toyed around with when I was working out color schemes for the rest of the image. I ended up favoring something that was very close to option “B”.¬†

Sigurd color schemes

I liked the way that the cool colors in the background made Sigurd ‘”pop ” forward due to the warm tones in his clothing/hair/skin… so basically all of him!


I doubt that it is completely finished yet, but it is getting very close.


Quis ut Deus? Final Version!

This piece is finally finished!

This is Michael the Archangel defeating Satan in the form of the serpent, a tattoo design for my good friend.

This one was 100% digital using Photoshop CS4 and I referenced renaissance paintings like this one by Raphael.

michael tattoo2

Sigurd, Son of Ragnar WIP Update


I’ve finished the under-painting stage of this piece where I was a bit cautious with my color application. I stuck mostly to the local color of each aspect of the character and it took a bit of time to adapt to the Hard Light layer mode I was working on. From here on out it should be almost completely direct painting that mimics painting with traditional materials.

More to come later!

Sigurd, Son of Ragnar – Work in Progress

I’m working on a painting of my current Dungeons and ¬†Dragons character.

He is Sigurd Ragnarson (Human Ranger, level 3)

I am also trying out a new process I saw on Christopher Burdett’s blog, more thoughts on how it works out once the piece is finished!