ArtOrder Pencil Test

Over at the ArtOrder blog Jon Schindehette posted some examples of pencil test assignments that concept artists could take as part of their application process. As an exercise and possible portfolio building I took on assignment 1 – The Beast.

“Today, you get to design a new creature. This is a creature that should fit into the world, and yet feel fresh and original. The creature should be a quadruped, that typically travels on all fours. When threatened, it will rear up on it’s hind legs and defend itself. When defending, it will generally use the large paws/claws on its forelegs, and when possible grab the attacker and draw them in for a vicious bite. When attacking, the creature tends to charge in on all fours from a position of stealth. It will attempt to bowl over the victim with it’s great weight, and them attack with teeth and claws. It tends to hunt at night, and prefers to use the dark and shadows to help it stalk it’s prey. Though large, it is quite stealthy. Though not technically intelligent, it has a hunters mind, and can think through complex thought patterns to be successful in it’s stalking, hunting, and ambush of prey. It’s bulk is equivalent to that of a polar bear.

I would like to see:
• Silhouette studies
• Pencil roughs
• Tight sketch
• Rough color”


Here’s the monster I came up with.


Pencil roughs
beast_test_kokoszka_02 beast_test_kokoszka_03

Tight Sketch

Rough Color

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