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Alfheim Valkyrie WIP2

It has a proper title now!

I added a rough background sketch and changed the position on the figure so she fits better  within the frame.

Alfheim Valkyrie wip 2

Alfheim Valkyrie wip 2


Valkyrie WIP 1

This is a digital painting I’m working on for fun over spring break. I’m feeling inspired by History’s awesome Vikings series!

I think I’m going to crop it to a Magic: the Gathering illustration size/layout and use it as a card art exercise for my portfolio.

Valkyrie WIP 1

Valkyrie WIP 1

New Facebook Page

I created a new Facebook page for my illustration to keep it separate from my personal profile. You can find it right here if you’re interested!



Old Favorites

This is a colored pencil piece I did a few years ago for a drawing class in art school. It was one of my first forays into serious colored pencil usage. It’s still one of my favorites.
The piece is a still life inspired by Plato/Socrates’ idea of the Philosopher King

Philosopher King

Philosopher King 2011

Art Order Dragon World Challenge Voting Has Begun!

You can find (and vote for) my submission on the facebook page for the Art Order!

There’s a lot of cool pieces in there so check them all out as well!

Master Copy – Frank Frazetta’s Barbarian

This is an exercise I worked on last week.

I am trying to bring my digital and traditional processes closer together so I treated this digital painting like it was paint on canvas – no layer tricks, no sampling colors, only using layers to “glaze” with a “multiply” blending mode, that sort of thing.


The original is, of course by the legendary Frank Frazetta.

Bill, Tom, Bert

A sketch / underpainting for a little Hobbit piece I have in the works.